Image Analysis for ArcGIS

Image Analysis for ArcGIS 9.3

Image Analysis for ArcGIS - Access to a complete array of satellite data
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Available worldwide, Image Analysis for ArcGIS supports a wide range of applications. Regardless of skill or experience with image processing or remote sensing, the software is easy to use by any ArcGIS user at the ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo level. Additionally, Image Analysis for ArcGIS is built with the same underlying technology of ERDAS IMAGINE, utilizing today’s standards of COM/VBA, and is an upgrade for current ArcView Image Analysis Extension customers.

Access to a complete array of satellite and airborne data is provided by the full complement of data importers and raster DLLs from ERDAS IMAGINE. The vast majority of Image Interpreter tools from ERDAS IMAGINE are included along with single frame orthorectification, color balanced mosaic, and a simplified supervised classification. Using the new high-resolution imagery available, forest stand information can be derived from imagery and combined with other information to compute stand potential.

With multispectral imagery and a few clicks of the mouse, vegetation maps can be produced using the desired vegetation index. Change detection analysis can be performed on raw imagery or using the results of classification analysis.

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